Bumper Ballet

Have you ever wished you had the guts to learn something new as an adult without all the annoying embarrassment of not having done that thing all your life?  Like having the bumpers up at bowling?  No, I’m not talking about parenting.

Well, I am getting to do that with ballet… and I am loving it.  Props to the teacher, this amazing dancer at our church, who is teaching the classes… I have really enjoyed the stretch of learning something new, the frustration of not getting it, but the satisfaction of feeling good about keeping on.

The best part is, if I groan in class or flop over from lack of balance, no one stares.  Everyone just giggles with me.  *sigh*  LOVING IT.

Yay!  And it’s already feeling better in my knees!  Whoop whoop, pregnancy rehab!

5 thoughts on “Bumper Ballet

  1. I love it! During the 16 hour drive back from my sister’s house in Florida, I decided I would learn to play guitar.

  2. Awww….i know exactly what you mean! That’s how Kathy Lowry was with me in her church kitchen…and the ladies who were her helpers…nothing but encouragement and props, learning how to do basic cooking after 5 kids and being married 25 years. I was changed…inside. It’s a great feeling!

    Do you remember the Jimmy Stewart movie, You Can’t Take It With You, where everyone in his girlfriend’s home did exactly as they please?…and the grown daughter is often seen flittering through the house in ballet shoes and tutu? It’s an ‘eccentric’ family…but wow, sometimes, ya just want to be just like ’em!! haha!

    Well, you GO, Girl….Imma gonna be learning to jump outta a plane here pretty soon….ya think there’s bumper jumps? :-DDD

    Love! Mom 🙂

    • I love how you signed “Mom” on your comment! Thanks for stopping by Mom! Yes, that is exactly the feeling! And, I don’t remember that movie though I’ve seen it, and been in the show, and seen the show done by pros… can’t remember the tutu girl… But now I not only want to be a tutu girl — er, Lady, but I also want to see the movie…. hmmm…. Netflix…..

      I AM SO EXCITED you are jumping with Christa!


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