Part of My Own Healing

Well, tonight I had a bit of a breakthrough… and I got to be part of my own healing.  Well, we are always part of our own healing, but I mean, I got to be healed more due to doing something for myself and for others at the same time.  It was great.

I was invited to share briefly about my birthing experience at a class being offered at my church.  It was a bit of a surprise, seeing as how I wasn’t supposed to be in the class anyway.  I had my own drama class I was teaching, which only had one attendee this evening, and so we decided to skip out and go to someone else’s class.  And, it just so happens, that this evening as I prepared for my class I had to walk through the other class on birthing and was invited specifically by the instructor to attend (due to the subject matter being on c-sections).   How amazing.  How much like God it is to do something like that.

So… the sweet part is that I not only got to share about my c-section experience in a way which could potentially help others prepare for their own births-to-come, but I was also being honored as a Mom having gone through something like that who could help others now.  I think that is an important step of any sort of trauma we experience…. to start helping others as we reach our own levels of healing.  It gives us a good goal to start going after healing, doesn’t it!  Haha.

At any rate, then we went on into practicing birthing/relaxation… and I found myself so much calmer and ready to face things next time!  I thought, Oh, I know more what to expect… and I am excited now!

Not that I’m walking that road just yet, but when I am, I will be ready.

Lastly, we played a “game” where we made priorities about our birthing preferences… down to whether it is a boy or girl… so much fun!  And I realized a few things about myself in that game… what things I am willing to concede and what things I might cling to doing a certain way next time… at least, as long as my husband, doctor and the baby are on board.  LOL.

I don’t mean to put birthing up on some pedestal.  Please don’t hear me that way.  I am by no means interested in being some Mommy-zilla or anything.  I think we get waaaay too wrapped up in the details of some events and make them more incredibly important than they need to be… hence some of the trauma I experienced the first time around.  I really look forward to the day when the King returns, takes His throne, and all the nonsense can stop for good about trivial things or even semi-important things, which get built up into tsunamis of trivial pursuit and drama and control in this life.

Okay off my soapbox.

Love y’all.  Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Part of My Own Healing

  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I appreciate it!

    I bet you are a fabulous mother.


    I am now subscribed to your blog.

    Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  2. amen! what’s important is you have a healthy happy baby at the end! i would love to hear your birth story some time, if you would be up for sharing it… really, i just want to get to know you better! 🙂

    • Alison, you are absolutely right!!! Thanks! Good to remind myself of that. I would love to share my birth story, complete with what God did… I don’t want to linger on the beginning where I was sad!! lol

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