What Authority Looks Like

It’s funny how the title makes me feel nervous.  It’s as though I feel you will misjudge what I am about to say.  I don’t think I have any authority to tell you what Authority should look like, only to tell you what Authority means in my life, my home, my circle.

I have learned what it means for me… and I like it.

Authorityto protect my home. I am allowed — responsible — to rebuke anything that should not be there, lingering in the air; resentment, fear, bitterness, hopelessness.  I am allowed — called — to pray for my property, that it will be invisible to the eyes of strangers who would attack it or steal from us.  I am allowed — needed — to call out to our Heavenly Father for what we need: hope, peace, rest, acceptance, love, joy, you name it! All the fruits of the spirit, as listed in the New Testament.  Bring it on!

Authorityto take care of myself. I need rest.  I need relaxation.  I need to do things in a reasonable, paced manner.  To do my hair.  To dress up; do my makeup, put on jewelry.  I am worth it.  I also want to enjoy cooking… whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack/dessert item, I want to have equal amounts of joy in the process of preparation; to eat well, to eat healthily, and to cook slowly and almost worshipfully, as the Lord is the one who provided this food and I want to honor him with it!

Authorityto pray, to persevere, and to protect my family.  How many times has the Lord provided for us in direct response to a prayer I have whispered?  My family needs my warfare over them.

Authority is mine, and I will not relinquish it.  I will not trade my birthright for a comfort somewhere else.

Enjoying my role here as wife, mother, and homemaker?  Oh, yes!  Lord, keep my eyes open, my heart fierce, and my intimacy with you deep.  Amen.

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