Dichotic Tension

This morning, our church hosted a women’s creativity event.  I loved it.

We each picked a picture, and followed some basic creative writing instructions for a little while, and then had some free writing time.  I felt kind of negative about mine, but as more ladies shared theirs, I realized that mine didn’t stand out as ultra-downer… just something which any one of them might be able to relate to.  I guess I was feeling especially vulnerable this morning.  Normally, I love to write and share things.

So, once I’d shared, I was deeply blessed to have a resounding “You need to give a copy of that to every Mom out there!” echoing around the table.  Wow.  Okay, here goes… Here’s the picture I chose, and the words I wrote to go with it.

Title: Dichotic Tension (I came up with that at the end)

1st 3 words that come to mind: Multiple Varied Things/Order

Description: There are a bunch of bags lined up in neat rows, bunched together, filled to the rolled brims with many different kinds of foods and spices, all different colors — lots of greens — on the street in an amateur market.

What this brings up in me: Angry, hustle & bustle, pressure, many things, beautiful, too much to take in, but organized feelings and peace.

What it brings up about God: God brings order, peace, and beauty to chaos and a plethora of things.

Free writing: I am so tired!  But so energetic/frantic right now!  I want to rest and be done with this phase (I’m 29 weeks pregnant).  Let’s move on.  But I can’t.
My mind: thoughts
to do
no. yes.
focus on children
laundry, diapers
dishes, feet up
who will ___?
Build A Baby.
There’s a beautiful pink and green bag in the bottom left corner.  I want to stay in that color.

There is a basket of rocks to the far right.  That stands for that stuff I really don’t want to deal with.
There is a bag of black kind of in the middle.  That equals sleep!!
Is this my marketplace?  I don’t want to run a marketplace!  😦  I’d rather run a bakery.  I’m doing the best I can.

©2011, Dorothy Moore

I hope this writing blesses you the way it blessed me.  I know that in the midst of my dichotic tension, where God meets me in the middle of chaos, and gives me peace, is something he wants for you too… it helped to get prayer after the exercise was over… I felt so much better!  And so much calmer!  🙂

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