Day 30 — Joy and Delight.

The countdown begins tomorrow: ten days left in my 40 days of prayer! Actually I think I miscounted on my original 40 days… because technically, after today, I have 11 days to May 20th.  But you get the idea.  Whatever happens, we’re getting close, and through this process I have been much encouraged.  That is such a gift.

My bags are getting packed, gifts wrapped, the baby carrier is clean and ready to go, my paper chain is getting shorter, I am getting larger, and my discomfort is increasing in a measurable way — which is exciting, however uncomfortable.  We’re just… waiting!

My new favorite verse right now:

“[She] will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of [her] birth…”  Luke 1:14 NIV

05-09-11 Monday

Lord, thank you for your favor on me, and the support for me you have provided.  I ask for definitive labor as soon as is healthy and safe.


2 thoughts on “Day 30 — Joy and Delight.

  1. Dottie, I learn so much from you. You are a delightfully positive and happy young wife and mother. Love you much,


    • Thank you Freddie! This blog doesn’t show a lot of my frustrations from each day…. I decided to be more transparent in my next update. However, I am definitely trying and doing better than I was before I started. Love you!

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