Day 37 – Just Thankful.

Four more days to the finish line of my pregnancy prayer walk.  I am so ready to go.  An earlier arrival would be sublime, but I am getting some good support for waiting out these tough last hours, days, weeks…

Our family/church family just gave us one of the best parties ever, a co-ed baby shower.  I have had one before, but not for a girl.  I felt so uplifted, and encouraged.  One of the best things about it is that it has given me a number of new little tasks to work on.  Now that I am so close to the finish line, I have gotten a lot of my prepping done (great feeling), but I have been so much more bored and impatient (awful feeling).

Now I’ll have some decorating, shopping, organizing, and a bit of new laundry to do…  🙂  That is going to help pass the time and keep my hands occupied —  ‘cuz as much as I love them, books and hanging out with my little toddler ain’t doin’ it!

05-16-11 Monday

Lord, thank you for lifting me up from a very low valley of tiredness to a lovely plateau of encouragement, fresh patience and excitement.  Thank you.  Thank you for friends and family gathering around us at this special and difficult time.  Thank you for gifts.  Thank you for help cleaning.  Thank you for better rest last night.  Thank you for Clay sleeping through the night.  Thank you for fun pictures to celebrate the day.  Thank you for progress in labor, even if it’s not steady yet.  Thank you for fresh stamina in that department.  I can’t ask for anything today.  I love you, Lord!  Thank you for your rich encouragement and your tangible love.

Hugs from friends

A fun gift

Prayer from our community

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