Day 40 – Finish Line!

I have never done a 40-day prayer walk that had such a profound affect on me.  This has been the perfect complement to my last trimester.

Pregnant but don't know it!

There were days where this was just a way to count down the remainder of my pregnancy, and I didn’t use the prayer more than once (when writing it).  But there were also days where I clung to the process of trading my frustrations for the truth in that day’s prayer.

Mommy and "Pumpkin"

I started out feeling overwhelmed, looking at the last 6-8 weeks stretching out in front of me and just crying inside.  This trimester has been a hard one: lots of exhaustion and aches followed by lots of labor and no progression right at the end.  Still not sure what today or tomorrow will bring, as my prayer due date is here and I had 10-minute-interval contractions and a baby dropping and kicking for several hours last night, and nothing this morning!

It's a Girl!

I was also afraid a lot… this pregnancy has pushed me to explore my feelings a lot more, and know myself more deeply.  That is a blessing in the long run, but terrifying in the moment.

Enjoying the pregnancy

But at this point in the game, after all the support and love I have received not only from my Father in heaven but my community here on earth, and knowing now that the time is near for my Baby Girl to arrive — one way or another — it’s just a matter of waiting.

Waiting — isn’t that the hardest part of anything?  Especially when the object of your patient suffering is due to arrive at an unspecified time?

Easter Pics

I also can see how God has answered prayer along the way, and made promises that I either have seen come to fruition or can anticipate their fulfillment.

So… my plan is to continue my prayer walk as long as I am pregnant… maybe that’s just one more day, but hey — it’s a habit now, and I like it, as well as the creative outlet!

Last Trimester

05-19-11 Thursday

Lord, thank you for helping me to wait this long… and for your promises that “there will be dancing” and “rejoicing,” and that you will deliver!  I ask for  a sense of your nearness as I wait out these last precious few hours, days or weeks, as you see fit, but I ask for labor today or tonight!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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