About “Pioneer Princess”

What is my dream job?  I’m doing it, baby!  I am a very lucky mother and wife who stays at home.  I hope to usher in a healthy next generation in my family.  I seek to honor God with my family’s finances, my time, my attitudes, and to know Him better as I know He loves to know me.  We are a blended family; I have a handsome teenage son who I believe will be a great King among men, as well as two adorable babies who I am just getting to know as they develop into the little people they are.  I have an incredible husband who loves the outdoors and sharing life with me.  Wow, thanks, God!

Now, I know I come across as brave, but in fact I used to be terribly shy and have had to work to learn to use my voice.  College theatre all the way, baby!  I now enjoy exploring all types of creative outlets on a regular basis… drawing, writing, singing, dancing, you name it!  (“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” — Henry Van Dyke)

If something I share about my endeavors in all these areas happens to help you too, Praise the Lord!  Onward and Upward, friends!

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