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“You Have To Know How To Cope”

The newest phase of my healing… I am reading an old 80s YA fiction on astronaut kids.  I love it.  It’s right out of that genre of Space Camp, etc., triggering kids to feel like they could all become astronauts.  I believed that, when I was a kid.  My math and science ended up not being so great… really lost a lot of steam there.  Haha.  But I hope that one day I will still be able to visit space.  I think that will be possible, in my lifetime… and affordable.  🙂

So, in one of the chapters, there is an emergency procedure being run through where the kids learn they “need to know how to cope with problems” that may come up.   I felt like the Lord told me this is something for me, too!  Last night my small group Bible Study had a worship night… great stuff… during which I felt the Lord nudge me to “renounce depression.”  Depression is a classic response of mine to issues, frustrations, blocks or dislikes.  I might curl up in a ball before I even realize it… just to “cope” with the hurt that I feel, or the anger or frustration….

So, instead of just allowing the depression to hang out, I am learning to denounce it.  To say, “Get outta here!  You don’t belong!”  And turn to the Lord for a better way of coping with whatever is going on in my life.

Right now, I’m the Mom of a 7-month-old and a teenager, in a blended family, and a stay-at-home-wife without a car, and any one of those things could come with major emotional taxes…. put them together, and you have me staying inside and not wanting to get dressed, simply because it all seems too much to deal with.  And, by the way, where’s the food?  Let me eat.  And what’s on TV, or better yet, Netflix?

Maybe I’m beating myself up just a little too much… another issue.  Ugh.  It’s just possible that I am coping by resting and doing these things that I *do* enjoy.  And I don’t do them all day, I don’t have laundry piling up and dishes in the sink from a month ago (been there, done that, don’t like coming out of it).  I am doing what I can, as I can.

Anyway… the coping part is the trick.  We can’t avoid the problems or the frustrations or even the hurt… can we!  No, but we have a safe God who loves us, and loves us even when we just lay there in our PJs, eating instead of working out or watching TV instead of going outside.  But, let’s try to do something a little healthier once in a while, huh?  Yeah, baby.  You and me.  Let’s go.  🙂