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Day 20 – Special Blessing.

Halfway through my 40 day, pregnancy prayer walk.  A special blessing arrived this week.  Nope… not the baby!  ;-P

Let me first say how tired and frustrated I have been that I haven’t been able to tend to the far side of our house, where there is a whole row of flowering bushes that need my attention.  As a result, tons of weeds have grown up around the bushes, including one that  even had a pretty leaf and tall stem (as high as the cab of our truck) but I just never had the energy to get out there and cut it back down…

Lately, we can even see this particular weed peeking up over the windowsill in the bathroom… and I kept thinking I can’t wait to get my energy back and cut that monster down.  So imagine my surprise when I headed to the bathroom this week, where I saw, for the first time, a bunch of fluffy, pink mimosa blooms!  That’s not a weed at all, I thought.  It’s a mimosa tree, planted there a long time ago and chopped down by someone who didn’t like mimosas, only to grow back now when it has the chance.  And, Scott and I both LOVE mimosa trees!  But neither of us are experts enough to have known what it was!

If I had pushed myself to do more than I can during this pregnancy, thinking that was a weed, I would have cut it down along with everything else.  Now we can nurture it and have it bloom all the way through this season, and be blessed with its beauty each day.

I don’t know about you, but I love flowers growing just outside a window.  I have even planted a climbing rosebush outside my nursery window, hopefully to get some pretty blossoms before the end of this year.  I can just imagine putting my little ones down for a nap, rocking them by the window while I enjoy some beautiful fresh roses.

God can use ANYTHING… even our sickness… or tiredness… to bless us.  He loves doing that, I think: taking the ugly or the sad things, and turning them into a good thing, using them to remind us of his redemption and glorious beauty.  I look forward to the day when that’s all there is, alongside the return of our King to fully reclaim and restore his hurting, crippled creation.

Okay, so:

04-29-11 Friday

Thank you for the beautiful mimosa tree, Lord!  We love it. I ask that you would continue to sustain me through the discomfort, hunger, and crazy hormones… all the way through to the other side.  What a beautiful mirror of the way you sustain our lives in general.  I love you, God!